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DLB Custom Home Design 307 Martins Creek Living Room

Our Philosophy

  • Buyers and sellers should not be scared of the inspection process. It’s a great opportunity to educate all parties and provide peace of mind.
  • We approach every inspection with a level head and realistic expectations. Our experience from all sides of the industry gives us an advantage in understanding how and why.
  • We want to be an excellent tool and resource for all parties of any deal. If we can help get everyone through the process, that’s what we want to do.

What Makes Us Different

  • We are not only an inspection company, but we are also a building company. We believe that our experience building and warranting our own projects, while also consulting and inspecting others, gives us a unique advantage in understanding every component of a home.
  • We know how to accurately measure the severity of any situation that we encounter. We know the difference between a red flag and a minor issue. We have established ourselves as trusted and experienced professionals in the industry and you can be confident when trusting us with your inspection needs.
  • We are also licensed contractors, and there’s more than one of us! That’s beneficial when you are in need of a second qualified opinion as you often find on a report. Rather than outsourcing another contractor for this service, our team can assist you without the added expense.
  • With decades of experience in the industry, we have built strong relationships with vendors so that we are able to refer you to only the most highly trusted and qualified individuals to help with any post inspection needs.
DLB Custom Home Design 307 Martins Creek Hall Wet Bar
DLB Custom Home Design 307 Martins Creek Master Bath
DLB Custom Home Design 307 Martins Creek Master Bedroom

What We Offer

New Construction


Finished construction

Warranty expiration inspection

Existing Homes

Full home inspections

Pre-sale inspections

Infrared scanning & reporting

Irrigation operation inspection

Energy inspections

Energy Testing

Blower door testing

Duct blaster testing

HERS rating

Energy Star certifications


Wind mitigation

Four Point Inspections

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